Kiss Me Tonight By Emma Hart

Kiss Me Tonight

By Emma Hart

  • Release Date: 2019-09-24
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 32 Ratings


What do a wrong number text, a burning building, and a quirky florist have in common?
A hunky firefighter with an extra-large…hosepipe.

In hindsight, I never should have opened that text message. The last thing I needed first thing on a Monday was a picture of some stranger’s, um, eggplant, in my inbox.
I also should have replaced the batteries in my fire alarm, because my Friday night did not need to end with my apartment building going up in flames.
But it’s fine. It’s fine. Everything is fine.
I’m only lying in a hospital bed with more split ends than I’ve ever had, almost all my Earthly possessions have turned to ash, and apparently, they don’t serve wine to patients in this place.
But like I said, it’s fine.
Until he walks in.
The guy who saved my life. My hero. Noah Jacobs.
And the universe is amusing itself at my expense, because the dirty photo I woke up to on Monday?
It’s his.


  • A fun sexy must read!!!

    By sferguson105
    This story was fun, sexy, and oh so good! Reagan was the type of heroine I could imagine being besties with. Quick wit and fun, you can’t help but love her. Noah is sexy, easy going, and the perfect hero. The secondary characters added so much entertainment to this story, and I can’t wait for the next couple!! This is definitely a must read!!
  • Loved it!

    By MegM927
    5 Stars Kiss Me Tonight by Emma Hart is the second book in the Kiss Me series. Even though it is part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. This is hands down my favorite in the series so far. It had me laughing out loud and I was only on the first page! There is no one that can do rom-coms like Ms. Hart. Besides laughter, there were moments that were sweet and charming too. Reagan was hilarious! Her one liners were everything! Her life is pretty simple-she works at her family’s flower shop, she’s single, and has an amazing friendship with her two best friends. So when she gets an inappropriate text from a number she doesn’t know, she of course responds being her witty self. Little did she know she’d actually wind up liking the guy… Noah was completely and utterly swoony!!! He is handsome, funny, and a firefighter. (HOLLA!)He had just recently moved to Creek Falls and doesn’t really know anyone. Little did he know that one drunken mishap and a wrong number could lead to one of the best things in his life. I loved this story so much! It was well written, had characters that I completely fell in love with, and a storyline that kept me invested from beginning to the end. I am so excited to read Ava and Ethan’s story next!
  • Funny, witty and entertaining

    By Mari360
    Who would have ever thought a mistaken text would lead to such a great story. We meet Reagan and Noah in this book. The banter between them is awesome. Definitely keeps you on your toes throughout the book. I love how this author makes you fall in love with the characters individually and then brings them together. Definitely not the instalove but the attraction is always there. Loved seeing characters from the previous book and how they have progressed. Definitely a 5 star book.
  • Great Addition To the Kiss Me Series

    By coffeegoddesstmk
    Sassy heroine, with snarkiness off the radar? Check. Seriously sexy, yet down-to-earth guy that gives said heroine hot flashes (and more!)? Check. Ride or die besties, always offering advice, solicited or not? Check. That's it, I'm reading one of my favorite authors, and loving every minute of it. When a series of text messages gone awry introduces Reagan to mystery man Noah, things escalate quickly and hilariously. One thing's for sure, he's not a guy that she's likely to forget, and she's just quirky enough to capture his undivided attention. In typical Emma Hart fashion, this is the story of two people that might never have met, but we're oh, so glad that they did. Reagan was introduced loudly and proudly in KISS ME NOT, the first book in the Kiss Me series by the one and only Emma Hart, one of my go-to authors. I knew then that Reagan was a force to be reckoned with, and that her story was going to be a blast. Emma hits all the marks per usual, making me love Reagan and Noah, her hunka hunka burning love, just as much as I'd figured that I would. Their happenstance love story brought me many laughs, some seriously steamy moments, and another couple that Emma's fans will love. Filled with plenty of great scenes featuring one zany great aunt, an interfering mother, a lovable chihuahua, and two full of sass friends, KISS ME TONIGHT is the perfect second book for this series. Make a date with this one, and enjoy! ❤️
  • Review: Kiss Me 2: Kiss Me Tonight

    By @LisaHines711
    Kiss Me Tonight by Emma Hart is the second book in her series. A hilarious romance filled with awkward older family members that thrive on embarrassing everyone, a sexy firefighter with a penchant for accidentally sending illicit pics to the wrong person and the unsuspecting but very appreciative woman who receives the pics. A comedy of errors in a way that takes two quirky people, an accidental text and weaves a tale of sexy romance and finding love in the most unlikely of places in the most unconventional of ways. Well-written and well-paced this is another great romance from Emma Hart! Enjoy!
  • Can’t get enough of the quirky characters that Emma gives us!

    By Samantha B. Sokol
    Can’t get enough of the quirky characters that Emma gives us! This story picks up right where the last one left off, with Reagan texting her mystery man asking who they are. Thankfully, we get some backstory in this one that brings us up to that text, and we find out that Noah (the mystery man), texted an exposed photo to her, though he actually meant to text it to someone from a dating app. Because Reagan isn’t most girls, she ends up responding in an unconventional way, and the pair start random conversations and a way to get to know each other. When a fire starts in Reagan’s apartment complex and she almost gets hurt saving others, she is rescued by a firefighter, who we learn is none other than Noah. As Reagan starts to recover and rebuild her life, she continues to build a friendship with Noah, which ends up turning into more after their attraction to each other grows. Honestly, they seem like the perfect couple for each other, especially throughout their conversations they have in the book. Plus, this couple is extremely relatable compared to real life dating, and it adds another level to the book that takes it above the rest. Between the relationship and romance dynamic with Noah to the friendship dynamic with Reagan, Ava, and Halley, this book (as well as the series) are knockouts and so relatable to the millennial girl! I am so excited for Ava’s book, especially with the teaser we received in the end of this book! I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
  • Love this series

    By Bibliophile Chloe
    Oh how I love Regan and Noah's story! Regan is a total spitfire! I absolutely love her no filter, her awkwardness and her fierceness. Noah is just what Regan ordered! The text conversations between the characters and hilarious! Ms. Hart crates characters and a world that I want to be in! I would love to have Regan, Halley and Ava as my girl crew!  I would love to live in the lovely little town of Creek Falls. The flow of this story is fast, yet perfect.  You get humor, heat and some swoons too! The way that Noah and Regan "meet" and start their friendship was phenomenal, hilarious and so on point with today's world! And as always, Poosh, the chihuahua stole every scene she was in! (Read and you will see!) I am so digging this series by Ms. Hart and I am looking forward to Ava's story!